Success Stories of SYABA6 and SYABA6

Groom's Details: D. Albert Raj(SYABA6)
Bride's Details: Merlin Asha (SYABA6)
Wedding Date: 16 June 2011

Praise the Lord I am Albert and my Wife Merlin would like to share our testimony. It was through I was able to find my life partner who was destined for me before my birth by Our Lord God Jesus Christ. Me and My wife would like to share a small testimony about our marriage ,We dint know each other before but our Lord had decided that we get to know each other through Believers wedding.Believers wedding has been Eliazer in our life . Eliazer was chosen by his master Abraham to find a bride for Isaac who successfully did the same and found Rebecca .Likewise Believers wedding has done the same for both of us . We wish that through believers wedding many more will find the perfect match for their lives . Praise the Lord for all Good things are from him.

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